Saturday, September 14, 2013

The 2013 Collins poet-in-residence is Aubrey Ryan

Aubrey Ryan has been selected to serve as the 2013 Collins poet-in-residence for the Midwest Writing Center. Her poems have appeared in Best New Poets, Anti-, Phantom Limb, Quarterly West, Squat Birth Journal, DIAGRAM, Cellpoems, Pebble Lake Review, and The Iowa Midwives Association's "Born at Home" Calendar. She was also the winner of a Tupelo Press Poetry Project award, and the 2012 Booth Poetry Award. Aubrey serves as poetry editor at Sundog Lit and runs a (very) fledgling broadside press. She lives in Iowa with her sweet husband and sweet kid.
Collins 2013 poet-in-residence
Aubrey Ryan

During the poetry residency that begins in October, Aubrey will facilitate poetry workshops, a community poetry reading, and a poetry ezine. Through the residency, she will encourage community-based poets who are developing their craft outside of a formal academic setting, and to provide a forum to showcase their work through the residency’s online poetry journal and a public reading of their poems. She will also release a limited edition broadside of one of her poems produced by illustrator, Alex Iaccarino. The biannual Collins Poetry Residency is sponsored by 918studio of LeClaire.

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